Happy St. Valentine’s Day to all the Rich and aspiring girls! This is a special day, when happy couples celebrate their love and those who haven’t found her Mr. Right yet, dream about meeting him. No matter if you are happy in love or in constant search for the best match, today we celebrate Love – the most wonderful and healing feeling in the Universe.

I love everything about St. Valentine’s Day – flowers, candies, balloons, but most of all I love Hearts! That is why I decided to search for the best heart shaped jewelry I could find and share it with you. Consider it my little present for you today! I hope these amazing pieces of art will make you smile and hope for the better and richer life.

Almost every brand which creates and sells jewellery, has at least one piece with the shape of heart. And this is not a surprise, because presenting jewelry was always considered as a sign of your true love and passion.

Below are only a few pieces of heart shaped jewelry I really loved and could find on the Internet. If you find something interesting, please let me know and I will add it to this list. Let’s create a great collection of heart shaped jewels for everyone to enjoy and admire!

Golden heart bracelet by Marc Jacobs

Heart Bracelet Marc by Marc Jacobs

Heart shaped pendant with diamonds by Roberto Marroni

Heart Shaped Pendant Roberto Marroni

Heart pendant emerald necklace by Lanvin

Heart shape emerald pendant Lanvin

Diamond heart shape bracelet by Matchstick

Diamond heart shape bracelet Matchstick



Bulgari Bvlgari Heart Ring

Bulgari Bvlgari Heart Shape Pendant



Dior Heart Shaped Jewelry

Dior Heart Shape Jewelry

Dior Heart Shape Jewelry

Dior Heart Shape Jewelry

Graff Diamonds


Graff Diamonds Heart Shape Jewelry

Graff Diamonds Heart Shape Jewelry

This white heart shape diamond necklace by Graff Diamonds is something unbelievable!! With a 28.03 carat white “D” flawless heart shape diamond drop hanging from a smaller white heart shape diamond, this necklace is a unique piece of desire! If someone will present you with this necklace, you just need to say: Yes!! :) Total diamond weight 96.67 carats.

Graff Diamonds Heart Shape Necklace

Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Heart Shaped Jewelry

Louis Vuitton Heart Shape Jewelry

Louis Vuitton Heart Shape Jewelry

Louis Vuitton Heart Shape Jewelry

Carrera y Carrera


Carrera y Carrera Jewelry

Carrera y Carrera Jewelry



Cartier Heart Shape Jewelry

I also fell in love with this heart shape necklace by Cartier. I think it is very chic and at the same time romantic and beautiful.

Cartier Heart Shape Jewelry Necklace



I think that Chopard’s Happy Diamonds collection is the best St. Valentine’s Day present ever created.

Chopard Happy Diamonds Necklace

So, girls what do you think? Do you like heart shape jewelry or you think it is too much? Would be great if you could share your favorite heart shape jewelry or maybe the one you have ever received on Valentine’s Day!

I wish you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and that all other days were also filled with love and passion!


Rich Girl

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