Hitting the gym is a love hate experience. For some, it’s invigorating and energizing, whilst for others it’s a miserable, grueling slog. If you’re an avid gym bunny, you probably don’t need convincing of the virtues of a workout session. But if you’re not – and just the idea of half an hour on the treadmill is torture – then the chance to play dress up might be just the encouragement you need. Sports clothing hasn’t always been synonymous with high fashion, but thanks to this season’s luxury sportswear trend, that’s rapidly changing. Forward-thinking sports brands like Adidas have teamed up with top fashion houses to create some truly fantastic sports clothing, that we’d be just as happy to wear without the prospect of sport itself.

Feast your eyes the best of the bunch:

1. Run Jacket – Adidas by Stella McCartney. Adidas, the original and best in sportswear, have teamed up with darling of the fashion world Stella McCartney to produce a range that you’ll be so desperate to wear, you’ll actually look forward to hitting the gym. Perfect for shielding you against the chilly weather whilst you’re out running, this Stella McCartney for Adidas jacket will make that cold morning jog a little more enticing.

2. Easy Tennis Dress – Sweaty Betty. The aptly named Sweat Betty has done wonders for gym chic in the last few years and their range of athletic separates are miles ahead in the style stakes. With a collection that caters for yoga, cycling, swimming and Pilates, their Easy Tennis Dress in crisp white and green taps straight into summer’s streamlined sport luxury trend.

3. Health Tracker – Timex. Part watch, part clever step-sensing, calorie-counting super-device. The perfect fitness companion, the Health Tracker monitors and records distance and steps as well as counting how many calories you’ve consumed and burned. You can program it to create seven day fitness diaries and goals, and the sleek design is waterproof to boot.

4. Lunar Eclipse 2 – Nike. Spending money on trainers will never be quite as satisfying as buying a pair of towering heels, but these guarantee very happy feet whilst you’re working up a sweat. Equipped with all the features you’d expect of Nike – enhanced support, stability, grip and comfort included – they’re also uncommonly stylish.

5. Bamboo Twist Front Cardigan – Asquith. From luxury yoga outfitters, Asquith, this cardigan is – like all of their range – practical and indulgent. More elegant than sporty, it’s perfect for layering and will work just as beautifully over jeans at home as it will at the gym.

Author’s Bio: This is a guest post by Very.co.uk, one of the leading online retailers in the UK. It offers stylish and comfortable clothing for all the family in a wide range of sizes.

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