Our lives can be very busy and stressful, which is the main reason that many take holidays to luxurious, exclusive destinations. There is no better place to let go of stress and reconnect with your own sanity than at a calming beach. The last thing anyone wants is a negative memory from a holiday at the beach, but regardless of who you are and where you spend your holiday there is a chance that injuries could plague your holiday.

Whether you travelled to an area beach for your holiday, or flew halfway around the world to an exclusive destination, there is always the possibility of suffering an injury while on holiday. Some of these incidents are unavoidable, but others are the result of human stupidity. The sun, the environment, and our own mistakes can lead to any number of beach holiday injuries that serve as a black cloud hovering over an otherwise wonderful getaway.

The potential list of injuries is too long to name, but there are five particular injuries that are common across the board for those on holiday. These five injuries, in no particular order, plague numerous holiday outings each year:

1 – Sunburn
2 – Heat Exhaustion/heat stroke
3 – Dehydration
4 – Motion sickness
5 – Bites/stings

Sunburn may be the single most common holiday injury that travelers suffer. Although usually associated with beach holidays, in reality anyone spending significant amounts of time outdoors is susceptible to sunburn. There are a number of reasons behind sunburn. Many neglect to use any sunscreen when spending a lot of time outdoors; others simply don’t apply enough or reapply often enough during the day.

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Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are often the result of a lack of thinking. So many get wrapped up in the joy of their holiday that they neglect to properly care for their body while outdoors. Both conditions can arise from not taking breaks from the sun, not hydrating enough, and can accompany severe sunburn. Symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke include headaches, cramps, fatigue, and fainting. In extreme cases, heat stroke can lead to death.

Dehydration is a less severe form of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. While we are out enjoying the sun, lounging on the beach, and running around our body sweats and loses important fluids. Overtime if that is not replaced, we begin to suffer the side effects of dehydration. The most common side effect is a headache. Those who are hard partiers at the beach often exacerbate the onset of dehydration by drinking alcohol while engaging in strenuous activity, increase the rate at which fluid is lost in the body.

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Travelling is part and parcel of any holiday, after all if you had a beach right in your backyard you wouldn’t be on holiday in the first place. Whether you travel by car, boat, or plane it is possible to suffer from motion sickness. Many who travel to exclusive beach destinations do so in order to get out on the water, not just play in it. Seasickness in particular is a common holiday injury, but it can be avoided. Over the counter medications and those subscribed by family practice professionals can prevent motion sickness. If however, you wait for nausea and vomiting to set in, it is too late for those medications to help.

Lastly, it is important to be aware of the dangers in the environment around you. Insect and other animal bites are another common holiday injury. Beachgoers in particular need to pay attention to their surroundings. Jellyfish stings are a common, and extremely painful, injury suffered by swimmers each year. In addition, insect bites are common at many beach destinations. Sand fleas and No-See-Ums are not life threatening, but can ruin a good day at the beach when annoying, itchy bug bites swell up on your legs and feet.

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All of these injuries can be avoided with a little forethought and some attention to detail while on holiday. Whether you are destined for a camping trip or travelling to an exclusive beach destination, there are potential dangers lurking that can ruin any holiday.

Author Bio: Guest post contributed by Richie Glazer.

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