I had nothing to do today, so I started to look for Christmas presents. What I want this year, is to finish shopping for presents before the start of December! Usually I am the one rushing to the stores on the 20th of December in a desperate attempt to find something great. Which never happens, because all good stuff is already sold out. So not only shopping for Christmas presents way in advance saves you from unnecessary hustle, it also guarantees you to find something awesome.

I was surprised how many cool things I could find today without even trying. Now the trick is to decide what I like the most and order it fast so there is enough time for delivery.

Here are cute presents which I know my girlfriends will definitely love. Look how adorable the teddy bear iPhone case is!

christmas gift ideas for girlfriend

1. Adia Kibur Short Stone Necklace 2. Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent iPad Case with Tassel 3. Alexis Bittar Crystal Encrusted Teardrop Earrings 4. Moschino Teddy Bear Iphone Holder 5. Gift Boutique Croc Stamped Jewelry Chest 6. Michael Kors Oversized Watch

These are first Christmas gift ideas for my girlfriends that I found online today. I will keep on looking, but I am definitely buying this iPhone case! What do you think, rich girls, are looking for Christmas gifts already? Do you know what are you going to buy?

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