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When is the right time to start shopping for sandals? For me it’s Spring. Especially now when I live in Spain and Spring very rapidly turns into Summer. Actually, I can wear sandals at the moment, in the beginning of April. I think the warm sunny weather and relaxed tourists in their flip-flops (already!!) makes […]

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. We review our achievements, reminisce about good and bad things that have happened during the year and make plans for the new one. But most importantly we dream big and believe in miracles! It seems that everyone becomes a little bit kinder and happier in December. […]

I don’t know about you, rich girls, but I just can’t wait for spring and summer to begin so that I can wear my new yellow hat. And although here in Spain we have sun almost everyday, it is still winter. Also, there are a lot of other colder countries, where they don’t see a […]

Summer is my most favorite season of all. It is time to enjoy various parties, BBQs, weddings, relax on the beach or next to the pool, start new relationship or meet new friends. It is amazing how our life is much better and different, when it is warm and sunny outside. And even though here […]

Colorful High Heels For Spring

Rich Girl March 19, 2012 10 Comments

Spring is officially here and I don’t know about you, girls, but I am craving colorful things this season. My obsession with color started previous Autumn, but now it reached it highest peak! I guess Spain is to blame. I love that here almost everyone always wears bright cheerful colors and it inspires me to […]

20 Perfect Party High Heels

Rich Girl December 8, 2011 11 Comments

I love December, because there are so many parties during this last month of the year. I have already been to two Christmas parties and my social calendar is fully booked till the 3rd of January, how cool is that? So, of course I am super excited, but also occupied with constant thoughts about what […]

Colorful Shoes This Autumn

Rich Girl September 29, 2011 7 Comments

Summer is almost over here in Marbella, although the weather is still hot and sun is shining constantly, I just can’t get rid of the nagging feeling that it is almost October and it is time for some shoe shopping. I am glad that Autumns here in Spain are mostly dry, so you can really […]

After a long and cold winter it is so great to welcome Spring which always promise us new beginnings, holds a little mystery, a hint of romance and breathtaking adventures. I don’t know how about you, rich girls, but during winter I always miss different colorful flowers. And although here in Marbella Summer seems to […]

Marva Collins once said: “Success doesn’t come to you… you go to it.” And I think Kim Halzle, Co-Founder of amazing online website RunwayRundown.com, is the perfect example of how this works. At the early age of 18, Kim packed her bags and left her hometown Maple Grove in Minnesota to start her new successful […]