I think everyone knows what is Youtube. We all watched and shared funny or cute videos with our friends, some even have their own channels, but there are people whose life was changed completely by Youtube. People, who managed to turn their hobby and passion for creating videos into successful online business, whose Youtube nicknames became their brand names, who travel the world, who made their dreams come true and became rich and famous.

When I read or hear about Youtube stars, I always feel deep respect for them. Not only they are not afraid to broadcast themselves, not only these people are very creative, brave and can find and share unique ideas with the rest of the world, but these people created their own life, own destiny. They didn’t wait to be discovered, or for someone to come and help them become an actor or singer or makeup artist, they just started creating videos, alone in their rooms with their camera (not always the best one) and laptop, sharing their talent and ideas with the world.

These people dared to be different. But they also worked hard! Have you ever tried to record 400 videos?!

Although the majority of Youtube Huge Stars are men/guys, there are also girls in all time top 100 most subscribed list by Youtube. There are more than 11 Youtube girls in the list, but I decided to limit my list with 11. I simply like this number :) Also, I didn’t take into account channels by major music stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez etc, because they were not discovered with the help of Youtube and their channels were made by PR companies and not by the girls themselves.

So, here is the list of most successful and most subscribed Youtube channels created and owned by the girls. Read about these extraordinary, rich and yet simple girls and maybe it will inspire you to start something of your own!

1 – Michelle Phan aka MichellePhan

youtube beauty and makeup guru and lancome spokesperson michelle phan michellephan


Michelle joined Youtube on July 18, 2006 and up to date her Youtube Channel has 1,500,797 subscribers!! Michelle was the first to upload makeup tutorials and it proved to be a very successful idea. She is only 24 years old, she inspired a lot of girls to start their own beauty channels and thanks to her online popularity she is now hired by Lancome as their official video makeup artist and spokesperson.

“Are you chasing your dreams? Or are your dreams chasing you?” – Michelle Phan

2 – Justine Ezarik aka ijustine

youtube internet ijustine girl justine


Justine Ezarik joined Youtube on May 6, 2006 and up to date her Youtube channel has 1,212,275 subscribers. Justine has created more than 400 videos, has at least 5 channels and is called American viral video comedian. She is only 27 years old, but already gained respect as well as work assignments from such huge companies as General Electric, Mattel and Intel. In December 2009, USA Today reported that Ezarik earns about $75,000 annually from YouTube alone.

Justine Ezarik is not just smart and entrepreneurial girl, she is also very attractive and sexy. She was listed as 97th in Maxim’s “Hot 100″ list for the year 2010. In April 2011, she was nominated for the Webby Award for Best Web Personality/Host and won the People’s Voice Award in this category.

3 – Christina Grimmie aka zeldaxlove64

youtube internet singer christina grimmie


Christina Grimmie is just 17 years old, but already has 1,076,322 subscribers on her Youtube channel, which she started on February 9, 2009. Chrisitina started her rise to internet fame by posting her videos with cover versions of popular songs and now she already released her first single ‘Advice’ and music video. Christina is now touring with Selena Gomez & the Scene and her future definitely looks bright. Good luck, young talented girl!

4 – Jodie Rivera aka VenetianPrincess

youtube internet parodist singer venetianprincess


Jodie joined Youtube on September 14, 2006 and in 2008 she introduced at that time new online video genre – music video parodies. Since then her Youtube channel has reached 1,031,787 subscribers. In April 2009, she won the title of Miss YouTube. Jodie truly loves what she is doing, here is what she says on her official website: “I can’t express how grateful I am to have a career that I truly love. I get to connect with people all around the world. People watch me in their offices, schools, homes, etc. I am truly blessed to have such a large platform to reach people.”

5 – Natalie Tran aka communitychannel

youtube internet australian star communitychannel natalie tran


Natalie joined Youtube on September 12, 2006 and created her first video on September 25, 2006. Since that time her subscriber base reached 1,016,954 people. Natalie vblogs from Sydney, Australia and her videos are usually monologues in front of a camera, interrupted by different funny skits acted out by herself. Natalie was one of the Australian YouTube celebrities who talked about the site at the launch of YouTube Australia in 2007.

According to analytics company TubeMogul Natalie Tran earned $101,000 in 2010 from YouTube advertising. And speaking of dreams come true, in November 2010, Natalie Tran started her global odyssey sponsored by Lonely Planet. How cool is that?

6 – Brittani Louise Taylor

youtube internet actress brittani louise taylor BrittaniLouiseTaylor


I personally don’t even know what this girls videos are about, because I couldn’t watch them for more than 30 seconds. Sorry! But again, this is just me, because Brittani’s channel has 835,308 subscribers! And she managed to gather such a huge audience for a relatively short period of time – 2 and a half years, as she joined Youtube on January 6, 2009.

7 – Tessa Violet aka meekakitty

youtube internet vlogger, actress, singer, model tessa violet meekakitty


Tessa Violet (meekakitty) is a vlogger, actress, singer, and former model. Tessa’s videos are mostly humorous with fast cuts and recently she also started creating music videos. She joined Youtube on July 16, 2006 and at the moment her Youtube channel has 801,694 subscribers. In 2009 meekakitty won $100,000 in a YouTube competition, where the most commented video would win.

As she writes on her Youtube channel: “Sometimes I turn on the camera. Then stuff happens.”

8 – Blair Fowler aka juicystar07

youtube internet beauty and makeup vlogger blair fowler juicystar07


Blair started her Youtube channel, where she is sharing her beauty and style-related tutorials, in July 2008 and now this channel has 785,689 subscribers. Blair is only 18 years old, but she together with her elder sister Elle already appeared in Seventeen Magazine as a Beauty and Hair Smarties, also in Teen Vogue and as well as started an online lifestyle website elleandblair.com. In 2011, the two sisters were the youngest ever makeup artists at New York City Fashion Week. In 2011, Blair had a role as Leah in a movie “Prom”.

9 – bubzbeauty

youtube internet beauty and makeup tutorial vlogger bubzbeauty


I tried to find this girls’ real name, but couldn’t find it. So, I will refer to her as her Youtube channel name – Bubzbeauty. She was inspired by other beauty and makeup vloggers and started her own Youtube channel on August 6, 2007 and now has 776,643 subscribers of her own. One of the bubzbeauty quotes, which I like is: “Never underestimate yourself. Have faith and Hope in yourself and others.”

10 – Christine Gambito aka HappySlip

youtube internet personality celebrity girl vlogger HappySlip Christine Gambito


Christine’s channel was actually one of the rare channels I watched on Youtube two or three years ago. I think her videos are funny and very creative. Christine is a Filipino American internet personality, actress, and comedian. She joined Youtube on August 31, 2006 and now her channel has 762,155 subscribers. In January 2008, HappySlip became an ambassador of the Department of Tourism of the Philippines and her travel videos were included in the “Experience Philippines!” campaign and recognized with a Silver Boomerang Award and two Anvil Awards. Christine has also been in video projects for Apple, YouTube, and Intel, and has produced videos for SanDisk, Kodak, and Western Union to name a few. Christine has a successful internet career as well as two sons Micah and Ian, and a lucky husband.

11 – Lisa Donovan ana LisaNova

youtube internet personality celebrity girl Lisa Donovan ana LisaNova


Lisa is my favorite Youtube comedians, I really love her funny and witty videos. She is great and she looks amazing, her videos are always so fun to watch! LisaNova uploaded her first Youtube video on June 7, 2006 and now her channel has 709,665 subscribers. She parodied such celebrities as Keira Knightley, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Lindsay Lohan, Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian as well as her Youtube fellow starts such as Hotforwords and Juicystar07. LisaNova founded Zappin Productions, a production company specializing in viral videos and is currently in charge of Creative Development.

Update 2013: At the moment the most subscribed youtube girls channel is JennaMarbles. She has 11 195 549 subscribers!! Her videos are always very funny and cover various aspects of everyday life. One of the most popular videos by JennaMarbles – “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking” – was viewed more than 55 million times. How awesome is that?

So, rich girls, what do you think about these Youtube girls? I think their success stories are really inspiring! And as I have spent almost a full day writing and researching for this article, I realized that it is so great when someone actually writes about you :) I hope one day I will also make it to someone’s Successful Girls List with inspiring story of my own.

Live to inspire, my lovely rich girls!


Rich Girl

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While writing this article I gathered a lot of useful information from Wikipedia as well as personal pages of the girls.